Brain Fitness for Seniors

Why Is Brain Training Important?

In our early years, our brains are still developing and we want to give it as much opportunity to grow.

Our cognitive performance starts to decline from our late 20’s.

As we age, we want to retain as much of our cognitive abilities and this can be achieved with brain training.

Cognitive Decline



Decreased ability to maintain focus


Problem Solving

Decreased problem solving capacity



Loss of short-term or long-term memory



The risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s increase

Dementia Crisis


By 2030, the number of dementia patients is expected to rise from 28,000 to reach 80,000 (186% increase!)


Every 20 years, the number of people living with dementia is set to almost double. An estimated 46.8 million people worldwide currently have dementia

Brain Training As A Solution

Studies have shown that brain training games aid in mental wellness and reduce the risk of developing cognitive-related illnesses like dementia.

The Tools


Brainwave Sensor

6 sensors – 4 individual channels and 2 reference sensors

Tracks and Measures Mental States: Attention, Relaxation and Mental Workload


Trains 5 cognitive skills

Customised training programmes

Cognitive Assessments

The Science

Research does suggest that the right type of games can stimulate minds and make it perform at a much higher level.

Reading and solving arithmetic problems improves cognitive functions of normal aged people: a randomized controlled study Published in: AGE Lead Author: Shinya Uchida & Ryuta Kawashima

Games for seniors are not just for fun Published in: The Straits Times Lead Author: Samantha Boh

Neuroplasticity in old age: Sustained fivefold induction of hippocampal neurogenesis by long-term environmental enrichment Published in: Annals of Neurology Lead Author: Gerd Kempermann, Daniela Gast and Fred H. Gage

Video game training enhances cognitive control in older adults Published in: Nature Lead Author: J. Anguera

Sneak Peak Into The Games


In the game, the helicopter is controlled by brainwaves captured by the Senzeband. The player needs to focus in order to lift the helicopter up and fly to complete the mission. At tougher levels, the helicopter becomes heavier and more obstacles are introduced to challenge the players in controlling his/her mental state.

Memory Mahjong

Memory Mahjong is a brain training game that trains on both the cognitive functions; Memory and Attention. With the help of the Senzeband, the players will have an advantage to a longer timeframe to memorise if the Attention level is high enough. What’s more, this brain training game is actually more mentally stimulating and challenging than the traditional mahjong game!

The Results

The participants age ranged between 55 to 74 years old.

Pre-training assessments were taken, and compared with post-training assessment results.

25% of the seniors improved in attention, 33% in Memory, 50% in Spatial Skills and 58% in decision & cognitive flexibility.

The average level of improvement seniors achieved was 19%

With improved cognitive skills and an active mind, the risk of dementia is greatly reduced!


What are the SenzeBand and Memorie and how will these help me?
The SenzeBand and Memorie are brain training solutions that work together. Regular use of these two, together, enhances cognitive abilities and keeps you mentally active. As the training takes place through the application, the SenzeBand tracks the brain effort expended and monitors your progress.
How will this technology be able to help people with deteriorating mental capabilities like Dementia or Alzhiemers’ patients?
In most cases, by the time a person visits a doctor for diagnosis, it would have been too late for early intervention. We believe that preventive methods and early detection are of critical importance. While we can’t cure conditions like Dementia or Alzheimer’s, our technology could act as a tool for early detection and to slow down cognitive decline.
How long till I see the results?<br />
The results differ from person to person. The intensity, consistency, and whether the games are being played properly are factors in getting results. According to studies, at least 15 hours of training is required before improvements are made.
How do I know that I am/my loved one is improving in a cognitive skill?
Memorie provides progress reports, assessments and analytics that can be tracked over the period the user plays the training games. The user will be tasked to take an assessment at the beginning and the end of the training programme. This allows the user to know the progress that he/ she has made. Additionally, the daily, weekly and monthly reports of the individual cognitive skills can be viewed to track the incremental progress over time.
Is the SenzeBand safe to use?
The SenzeBand is certified safe-to-use and non-invasive. For years, brain-sensing technology has been safely used in medical and research institutions to better understand the human brain. The SenzeBand simply measures your brain activity and mental states, with no current or electromagnetic waves being sent into your brain. The Senzeband has been internationally certified with FCC, CE, RoHS and REACH.

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