Vine Global

A passion for people.

Mountains We Conquer


Attention is a real challenge to children, even those not diagnosed with attention problem.


Stress is a silent killer in both productivity and health that may manifest into illnesses.



The global crisis of dementia is already here as the numbers are doubling every 20 years.

Our Vision

To establish Vine Global as a leading organisation in providing digital brain health and educational technology through carrying revolutionary products and delivering top-end training.

Our Belief

For what profits a man if he has the strongest of bodies but has a faltering mind? Although many know the importance of physical fitness, yet few know the importance of mental fitness. While brain training isn’t the newest of concepts, organisations are charging exorbitant prices for the archaic ways of training. Therefore, here at Vine Global, we want to bring brain training to the masses at an affordable rate and through modern cutting edge technology.

The Visionaries

Linda Wong

Managing Director

Caleb Sim

Director, Business Development

Kelly Choo

Business Advisor | Co-founder of Neeuro

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